Borek Sokol, Roman Madlec; Roman Madlec – Massage

Roman Madlec is one very handsome guy. He has great body too. We brought him in for a massage. He walks in and immediately strips off, down to his underwear, lays on the table. Borek Sokol is the masseur and he quickly gets to work, using oil to work his hands all over Roman’s back.

He lowers Roman’s underwear, revealing a beautiful, hairy ass. Oil is applied to the ass, making it glisten. Then Borek removes the underwear completely and goes back to massaging the sexy ass. He moves Roman so that he can spread the cheeks and show off a lovely, dark crack. Roman moves onto his knees, that ass nicely in the air.

Borek takes more oil and rubs up and down the hairy crack, reaching between the legs for Roman’s cock and balls. As he play with the cock Borek slides finger into Roman’s tight ass. He fingers the hole until he thinks it is loose enough. Then he inserts a vibrator into the tight hole. As he fucks Roman’s ass with the vibrator Borek also wanks him.

Then he turns Roman over, onto his back and massages his hot chest. Roman wanks himself, getting his cock good and hard, and soon shooting a nice big load of cum. Borek reaches for the cock and milks the last of the cum out of it. Then he leaves Roman to relax after a very nice massage.

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