UHJ – Sharp – Nick North & Matt Anders 720p


Release Year: 2016
Genres: anal, bigcocks, condoms,gay porn,bareback
Video language: English

Description:Nick North wears a warm cream coloured suit, accentuating his tan and brunette features, he’s looking sexy as hell as he glares over at Matt Anders, in this fancy businessman’s waiting lounge. Matt wears an extremely sharp steel grey number, brilliant blue tie to match his eyes and Prada loafers. He is dressed to fuck! Both admiring each others get up, they take a closer look, hands run over silk and stitching, inside jackets and over shirts, feeling the hard muscle beneath. Jackets come off and Nick undoes his trouser fly, pulling out his already hard cock, Matt gets down to suck him off, sitting on the edge of a chesterfield sofa and sucking his thick cock. Getting his own dick out Matt sits on top of the sofa and leans back letting gNick do the work, his fantastic arse sticking out beneath his suit jacket tails. Matt opens his shirt while Nick sucks his skyward pointing cock, his light alone hairy body the perfect contrast to his smart, gradually disappearing suit. Bending over, just wearing a white shirt now, Nick thrusts into him, grabbing the back of the shirt and using it as a reign to pull him back onto him. Both guys groaning and moaning, this is one hot executive fuck! Straddling over Nick, Matt rides him reverse cowboy, Nick undoes his tie while Matt bounces up and down on his dick, smooth and hairy muscle moving in unity. Matt hovers over him while Nick thrusts hard and fast! Moving to the floor, stripped of their suits and nbanguing like crazy on the knitted mustard pods, Nick takes a handful each side to really take control of the thrusting. Matt is loving getting pounded, his intense blue eyes staring up at nick, shooting a thick load over his furry stomach. Nick pulls out and adds to the mess, raining cum all over him!

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