Make It Right 2 – Thailand, Burned in EngSubs – Episode 13 – HD-720p


Release Year: 2017
Genres: anal, bareback, creampie, cumshots, hunks, jocks, oral, porn
Video language: English

Description:This is a 720p mkv file with burned in fan made English Subtitles.
I do not think the translations done by this fan-subber are as good as most, with some titles, and dialogue missed out, but this is the first 720p version out.

Unfortunately there are some glitches in this version of the program, which I have verified are in the original when played online, so they are not a download problem.
They are annoying rather than fatal. Probably less than 10 seconds in the 57 minute program.
In all but one, the video stops, blurs, then continues a fraction of a second later. The worst is an image freeze for several seconds, while the sound continues. Fortunately it is at the end of a scene, so it is not so disruptive.
Several breaks occur after Tee, then Fuse, tell the group how they feel about each other.
Then a couple more during Frame and Book’s photo shoot.
Hopefully the 1080p will not have these problems.

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